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Dental Wellness


Just as in humans, our pet's dental health is an important part of living a long and healthy life. Without proper dental care, plaque and tartar buildup can lead to periodontal disease. Periodontitis causes red, swollen and tender gums, gum recession, bleeding, pain and bad breath. The infection caused by periodontal disease can also enter the bloodstream, and potentially affect the heart, liver and kidneys. Here at Creature Comfort, we take your pet's dental wellness seriously and offer both non-anesthetic and anesthetic dental cleanings depending on the needs of your pet. 

Non-Anesthetic Dental Cleanings

We are proud to work with Animal Dental Care twice a month to provide non-anesthetic dental cleanings. Non-anesthetic dentals are a great way to provide your pet with preventative care for their teeth and gums. Along with regular home care, non-anesthetic dentals can help maintain your pet's oral cavity in a simple and effective manner without the use of anesthesia.

Our dental hygienist sits patiently with your pet to ease them into the procedure, beginning with a full examination of every tooth and gum condition. This is followed by a dental cleaning and machine polishing. After your pet's dental, home care is highly recommended, and we are more than happy to help guide you in finding the perfect routine for you and your pet. 

Non-anesthetic dental cleanings are usually a much better alternative for older pets, and for pets with chronic kidney, liver or heart disease who might not be a candidate for general anesthesia. Our veterinarians are happy to evaluate your pet to determine if they are a good candidate for a non-anesthetic dental cleaning. 


Anesthetic Dental Cleanings

Every once in a while there are some patients who may not be good candidates for non-anesthetic dentals, and may need a full-anesthetic dental. These cases can include those who have severe dental disease and need tooth extractions. Our highly trained doctors and technicians work together to safely monitor our patients while under anesthesia, while they receive a thorough teeth cleaning. 

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