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Ozone Therapy


Ozone therapy might sound like something new, but it has been used in human healthcare for over a century! It is now a popular treatment in the veterinary world, where it’s being successfully used to treat a range of ailments in dogs and cats and has been proven effective for treating viruses, fungi and bacterial infections as well as inflammation, pain and arthritis.


Ozone therapy and hyperbaric treatments bring concentrated healing doses of soluble oxygen to affected areas of the body – for example, you may have read about NFL players using these therapies to heal their sport injuries faster.


To create ozone, pure medical grade oxygen is flowed through a glass tube, where a low voltage electrical current is applied. (Ordinary air cannot be used because it is also made of 20% nitrogen.) This briefly splits the oxygen molecule (O2), creating O1 atoms. These atoms form triplets – O3 or ozone. Once in the body, O3 molecules break back down into O2 and O1, both of which offer a variety of healing effects.


Ozone is very unstable and only last about 30 minutes, so it must be made fresh every time; it cannot be stored and used later. Innovative, effective, and very safe ozone therapy is used in veterinary medicine to treat everything from ear infections, non-healing wound’s and especially cancer.

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