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Herbal Therapy


Plants provide a wide variety of remedies for a range of ailments. Many modern drugs, such as aspirin, are derived from plants, but these drugs go through chemical processing that is thought by some to diminish the plant’s original healing power.  Chinese herbal formulas are often prescribed in conjunction with specific acupuncture therapies to work synergistically to heal your pet. Your veterinarian may prescribe a variety of Chinese or Western herbs that work together to treat your pet’s problem(s). Herbal remedies may be appropriate if your pet has digestive problems, kidney or chronic bladder infections and incontinence, parasites, skin problems, or injuries to bone or tissue.

TCM herbs are especially helpful in the treatment of chronic diseases, and diseases of the geriatric animal. They can be used to relieve pain, help improve and restore organ function, as well as strengthen and support the immune system. TCM herbal prescriptions are specific for the individual patient and are directed at the root cause of an illness to correct it, and are not given to control symptoms alone.

In general, TCM herbal prescriptions must be given for longer periods of time than drugs, but the benefit lies in their natural ability to gradually return the body to a state of balance and health, without side-effects. We often observe positive responses to herb treatment within 3-7 days of starting therapy but full effect can take longer. Herbs must be given regularly two to three times a day to see any therapeutic effect, just as with conventional medications. 

Creature Comfort offers a full pharmacy of Chinese Herbs which include powders, tea pills, capsules, tablets and tinctures. 

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