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What to Expect

Your first visit with one of our holistic practitioners may be very different from any veterinary experience you have had in the past. All of our rooms have dimmer lights and we provide flower essences in an attempt to provide as stress free and calm an experience as possible for our furry patients. Plan to spend  an hour with the doctor discussing your pet’s current health issues and previous vet history and vaccinations, diet and lifestyle.

Our doctors will review any previous records and veterinary care your pet has received and welcome your input and opinions. We understand that the person who understands your pet best is YOU! We are also eager to answer any questions you may have about your pet’s health issues, diet and care and any research you may have performed on these issues. We are here to listen to you, gently examine your pet and work as a team to decide the best health plan before we proceed with our treatment. You are welcome to fill out the new client registration form before your first appointment by clicking here

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