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Bottles of Homeopathy Globules

Every being has a unique “vital force” which the correct homeopathic remedy stimulates to eliminate disease. For this reason, two animals with the same diagnosis are usually cured by very different homeopathic remedies. Homeopathy is a great choice for sensitive animals who will not tolerate acupuncture.


Homeopathic treatment relies on treating your pet with something that  can produce symptoms similar to those of the disease being treated. The idea is to provide the substances in small enough amounts to be harmless, yet enough to encourage the body to develop a curative response to the disease. The substances most often come from plants, but may also be extracted from animals and minerals. The substance is diluted and made more potent, after which it’s usually put into pellet or liquid form.


Administered properly, homeopathic treatment can help a wide variety of ailments, including skin allergies, chronic infections, pain and weakness, behavior issues and many other diseases. We will work together to understand your pet’s unique constitution and find the homeopathic remedy that brings them into balance.

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